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About Us

FUTURE BRIGHT GANG, was known as PSYCHOLOGICAL and then PU4LYF Merch. 

The brand sold massively affiliated with the iconic, “PSYCHO.unit” and “PU4LYF” ever since we launched the merch.

In 25th January 2021, Rabbit Mac announced a whole new look, logo and motive for the company which now known as “FUTURE BRIGHT GANG”.  

The brand “FUTURE BRIGHT GANG” is represented by the North symbol. We often orient ourselves by facing North and North is always the guide to a precise and an accurate orientation, be it in a compass or in life. FUTURE BRIGHT GANG stands to represent the firm path of moving upwards and experiencing growth in order to reach success.

 Just like the “UP” sign, we believe the brand will motivate our wearers to lead their lives only towards one firm path, all the way up: North.

 The acronym “FBG” is the acronym for Future Bright Gang. The North symbol placed on the letter ‘G’ represents Georgetown, Penang, the location where I initiated the FBG brand idea. The North symbol on the letter ‘G’ also symbolises the idea that G = Growth will lead you upwards in life.

 When we created the tagline ‘Future Bright Gang’, we instantly wanted it to represent all age groups from kids to teens to adults who are street-fashion enthusiasts and we didn’t want them to just wear the brand, but to inspire and encourage them through what they wear. 

 Future Bright Gang stands to motivate and manifest a bright future for our wearers. We picked the colour yellow because it is the most luminous colour. It is the colour of optimism, enlightenment, creativity and the colour of our FUTURE: BRIGHT.


- The Future Bright, gang.